Freaky freaky freaky me 

Let it happens what may.
I collect everything I am interested in order to show him how deep I am.

He will never goes wrong with me.

Sometimes I sit and think, but usually I just sit staring at the wall opposite. In a such a weird moment I fly away and appear to be beyond.

Some people used to speak to me, they want me to do right things, I mean things which are appropriate and could make a bid for their sympathy.

I am going to be in the Big Apple as soon as possible. And I’m still thinking whether I have to meet you or not. You know, what’s in the past is prologue. But a door to my prologue is not closed. I need to have a conversation about OUR past. You could help me, sweetheart, my L.

People can think whatever they want to. They could assume you to be a man, my lover for instance. It’s so funny cos we both know that we are just two single-not-single ladies.

It’s kind of an obsession. I feel sorry. I wish I had to. I appear as helpless as a child. God, I can’t help.

I don’t want to feel myself blue anymore. I used to say such words as «give, take, must», but the only moment I realized I had no right to do this is here & now.

I wish I had a copy of myself to leave at parents’ home sweet home.
What did I say about feeling love, falling in love etc? Nothing, I swear. I fell in love again, and will continue doing a such a marvelous and sunny thing again and again. And again.

I was deeply inspired by my death anxiety attacks and your optimistic notes.

I always happen to be mad, crazy and sometimes a serpent. But you know that the only man who tells me I’m a serpent is YOU. Think something goes wrong.

If I try to compare two greatest cities in the whole world, I mean New York and Boston, I would assume these cities are just my boyfriends or men I used to love. New York is an artistic and very sex-appeal one, but Boston is a very a generous, humble, decent and perfect man. New York is a lover, Boston is a husband. I prefer to blend them into one.

Let it happens what may.



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